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Quantum Healing Sessions in the Akasha: 

"Rebecca is totally present. Facile and fluent with light language and the Akashic Records.  No pretense and she offered me a felt-sense of sharing the journey as an equal and sovereign being.  Of course I put my session request in before I incarnated this life. I wanted the best!"  HB, Denver CO  

Light Language Healing Meditation

for Receiving Goodness & Letting Light In...

A soothing, 9-minute light transmission for learning to receive.  Recorded on location, it contains the sounds of a living woodland with water flowing and bountiful Devic energy.  Lie down, have some deep, clearing breaths and sink in. 

By focusing gently on the breath you allow your body

and heart  to receive the energetic information at the cellular level.

"Light Language is a potent mode of subtle frequency modulation and activation from the 5th Dimension and beyond.  It heals the heart-mind as well as the physical and spiritual dimensions of you, the human being living on Earth at this time.  It restores your cellular memory to its original vibration of love, while extending what we call DNA bandwidth.  Receiving transmissions of Light Language can help you remember who you are, what you know, and what you came here to do.

The frequencies of information contained within Light Language are a form of personal communication and empowerment that interacts with your higher self. As you receive a Light Language transmission in any form, you are being assisted in reconnecting the Ancient Future Codes that have always existed in you. In gifting humanity with the frequencies of Light Language, we hope to offer you the unlimited capacity to reconnect with all of life, all dimensions and all-knowing via the Onemind of Unity Consciousness.  We wish to return to you your Sovereignty and uplift you from these times of enslavement.

We love you and we love your Earth planet. We are the Galactic Council Representing the Many, the None and the One."  - channeled by Rebecca Rose

"It is within your sovereign power to uninstall the thought forms of negativity, fear, and limitation and

re-entrain with the cellular memory of love.  Remember being deeply loved, loving others and living from a place of love. You ARE love itself and contain all the necessary vibrational frequencies and encodings of love's native wisdom to heal yourselves and your planet.  It is your birthright to remember who you are, what you know, and what you came here to do.  It is your birthwrite to reclaim your origin and your destiny.  It is written in you and always has been."

- A Message from the Ancient Future & the Star Nations

"Engender self-gentleness,
self-tender and self-loving,
the lodestone of your healing.
Engender a felt sense of worth,
of self-forgiveness,
and a felt sense of being held.

Original woundings
In the soft light,
Learning to receive
the loving aspect around you.
 This is gentle and tender work.

The ascended aspect of all of you
is embodied here.
It's the child that exists still
and always
beneath the suffering and
beyond the suffering

and even within it.

There isn't only
that person who suffered,
there is the one
who was in touch.
It's like bringing in
the part of you that knows
and plays and sees,
sees beyond;

He who sees the Otherworlds
and knows
how to communicate with them.

Your higher self sees and knows.
He is awakened here
in the light realms of earth."

Direct channel from a client Akashic Records Quantum Healing Session

with Rebecca.  (Shared with client permission.)

"From you, Rebecca, I am learning new ways to connect with myself and my experience.  Tonight I was out on the land and through every sentient form I saw things with my heart.  Jupiter, Arcturus, the Libra constellation, Vega and Lyra, the trees, the bats.  I conversed with the trees gently holding their trunks wishing them hello, so many of them. A little earlier in the night I greeted the Flame trees, watched with wonder, bats hovering, resting, imbibing nectar just 10, 15 feet above me.  A large bat, wings clearly silhouetted, another smaller and another. Everything was inter-connected, the land, trees, the bats, me, and all of life.  Through you, I have learnt the meaning of grounding experientially. I am so grateful to you for teaching me subtly, helping me re-discover my hidden longings and this ancient Earth connection."  - B.A., Karnataka, India

"Rebecca is one of the highest vibrational channels I have ever worked with.  Her extensive dharma training has taught her to step outside of duality, and by removing her judgment and ego, she is able to access much higher frequencies than the vast majority are capable of.  She is able to go where many are unwilling to venture.   Her ability to bring through the knowledge and teachings from the higher realms is profound.  For the typical reading, this ability and these insights provide balance and perspective.   A reading with Rebecca is an invaluable gift to yourself on your journey through life."  - J.M., London

Birdwoman I

(below, SOLD)

Light language visual art by Rebecca. 

Mixed media on paper, one of a kind, sizes vary. 

$243 each, includes shipping in North America.

Please use CONTACT page to request.

Left:  Voices from the Stars /  Gobekli Tepe, Anchoring Light  (Turkey)

Center:  Voices from the Stars / Birdwoman of Rapa Nui & the Moai

Right: Voices from the Stars / The Moai of Rapa Nui / Integrated Harmonics (Easter Island, Earth Grid)

Giza Power Grid

(below, SOLD)

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