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                  Energy Transfer Reset


Offered remotely via phone or live videostream.

Your session includes an audio recording for replay. 



    & Your Own Human Experience


    The Energy Transfer Reset (ETR) helps clear unhelpful soul contracts and returns your energy field to it's original state.  It is a special modality offered to humanity by the Arcturians and other Galactics for healing, 5D Ascension and much more.

    This is a one-time process that takes about 40 minutes.  Rebecca works with a collective of light beings that include your spirit guides and loving, light-filled Arcturians, Pleaiadians and Andromedans.  By removing energy density and blockages - as well as any implants or entity attachments - you are freer to grow into your limitless self.

    In the words of the Arcturians, "the Energy Transfer Reset we have given allows for one's complete advancement.  It sends energy ripples through all personal relations, the collective and through galactic timelines.  The net result is the acceleration and upliftment in frequency modulation for all.  Please enjoy its expansive qualities, dear friends, as we move together through 5D ascension!  Also know that as you engage in the Reset, you affect so many other Beings in the most favorable of ways.  We love you."


    Benefits of
    the Energy Tranasfer Reset
    May Include:

      - Removal of long-standing mental, emotional,

    & physical blockages

       - Increased Intuitive ability & connection to spirit guides

        - Easier to access states of love, happiness,

    forgiveness and gratitude

       - More insight about the habits that have hobbled you & willingness take affirmative action

        - Ease in allowing your own truth to reveal itself

    & to find the power of your own voice

    - The ability to help others with your presence

    - Health & heart expansion!!

    The benefits above are based on my own experience of receiving the Reset.  It has indeed been transformative in both subtle and overt ways. Some shifts in wellbeing appeared rapidly; others took some weeks to reveal themselves. In many cases, lessons I needed to learn emerged organically and yet with surprising synchronicity to be rapidly integrated.  -Rebecca


    Everyone is unique in their response to the ETR since we are all tracked differently for our own growth.  The ETR is not a magic bullet for everything that ails you as it will not release that which we are not ready to part with!!  But be assured there will be changes.  The Arcturians have shown this again and again.

    Your own participation is required!!   Daily clearing of your energy field and ongoing releasing is needed to help you maintain the new & higher frequency after your ETR.  Rebecca will coach you and provide the necessary tools during your session.


    Energy Transfer Reset: $81

    Live Session is 30-40  minutes.

    Remote ETR for Loved One: $45
    Provide name & date of birth for recipient.  No session appointment needed.


    Remote ETR for Loved Ones:

    For a friend or family member who might benefit from this modality but who is not spiritually awake; is disabled in some way; or is deceased.  Rebecca will ask for their permission at the soul level.  If it is granted, she will move forward with the ETR. 

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