Light from the higher realms . . .

Offered remotely via phone or live videostream.  Your session also includes a recording for replay.

Choose from a variety of powerful 5D energy transmissions and Galactic attunements to connect you directly with Star Families, awaken your gifts, and reclaim your personal power.  These are very rich, personalized, one-on-one energy attunements with Rebecca.  Prepare to be bathed in light!!

Channeled messages & Light Language transmissions are also included.



5D Diamond Light Heart Attunement - Activates 5D energy body with octahedron of light - Offered by Andromedan White Sisterhood.

5D Andromeda Attunement - For Unity within the Cosmos - opens individual, planetary & galactic portals.

Angelic Attunement - Light Language & devotional guidance - celestial connection & divine love.

Pleiadian Light Family Attunement - Experience the love of the P's & gather their gifts for you. 

Lyran Light Family Attunement - Deep relaxation & healing - an experience of deep space & spaciousness - expands consciousness.

Sirian Light Family Attunement - Experience the Orb Incubator/Plasma Regenerator, a Lemurian healing technology.

Lemurian Attunement -  Assisted by Sirians - Reconnect with pure love of Lemurian & healing pyramid of light.

Isis Attunement - Meet the queen within, sovereign and supreme.  For all genders, a timeless experience of divinity and non-duality.

Can't choose?  Book a Galactic Energy Attunement and Rebecca will channel what is most suited for you.   


All Galactic Energy Attunements

30 minutes: $72

Gift Certificates also available.

 I'm looking forward to sharing these gifts from the higher realms with you, Rebecca

Tender, Vast & Gentle

"Rebecca is a humble representative of very high forces and frequencies.  Her team/council that came to the session are ancient, wise, tender and VAST.  I felt I was being fed like a beloved child is fed by her mother.  It was an honor and privilege to experience this session with Rebecca. I am still resonating and feeling the session moving deeper and deeper into my Be-Ing. The Light Language created a comfort so palpable, soft, and gentle that I continue to immerse myself in the warmth and beauty of this very special experience.

Dearest Rebecca, from the depths of my Be-ing, I thank you."

-SJW, California

Pure Lemuria!

"Yesterday felt to be a date with destiny... the energy was exquisitely deep, languorous and full of unconditional love and space to be... felt like home ... bless you Rebecca and thank you." - A.S., British Columbia

Heart Connection

"Thank you for the outstanding session.  I’m still reverberating from the experience and feeling more connected than I can remember.  It took me out of my mind and into my Heart! I want to live here ALWAYS!!!   You are a An incredible Gift and I’m so Blessed to have had this experience.  It won’t be our last!  I felt the synergy too, very amplified and pure.   Oh!!  And I loved that you connected my gossamer thread to 5-D Gaia, it’s an important piece of information for all."  -SJW, California 
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