Messages from the Akasha

Offered remotely via phone or live videostream.

Your session also includes a recording for replay. 

    How does who you have been

    in previous incarnations

    influence who you are now?


    What gifts do you have from past lifetimes?

    And what challenges did you face?

    In these unique sessions, we open your Akashic Records to find answers to these questions and so much more.  The focus of a past life reading in the Akasha is to bring more clarity to your life situation now.  Your previous incarnations serve as guides on your journey, offering a potent elixir of understanding and healing. 

    We are often influenced by a multitude of lifetimes.  Memories of them can linger on deep inside of us.  Have you had inklings of this and want to learn more?  Then you have come to the right place!! 

    Your reading may also contain info about parallel timelines and simultaneous experiences you may be having, for example, as a starseed or in another dimension.  Whatever arises relates to the journey of your soul through multiple lifetimes, timelines and incarnations. 


    The Akashic Records, known as the Sky Library by ancient Tibetans, have been used by many cultures over millennia for insight, healing, multi-dimensional travel, consciousness expansion and more.  I use my connection to this infinite source field to ensure that my work with you is clear, accessible and complete.  The Akashic realm also offers us the deepest information available for the journey of your soul while helping you understand who you have been. 


    Bring an open mind and we will explore together.  We all contain within us unlimited wisdom and infinite inner resources.  A past life reading can help you rediscover what already lies deep within and attune you with your own highest guidance.  Your soul has the key. 

    As my light team from Sirius always says,  "We come to help you remember who you are, what you know, and what you came here to do."


     Past Life Readings

    in the Akasha

    60 minutes:  $126
    Gift Certificates also available.

    This reading is similar to an Intuitive Akashic Reading with a focus on past life experiences. 

    Sekhmet & Citrine

    From a client who received info from Sekhmet during her past life reading, "Rebecca, I just have to share. I am carrying a citrine crystal for the first time ever today, since you mentioned that it would be a good one for me.  I decided to read about  it and found this: "Citrine honors Sekhmet, the most powerful goddess of Lower Egypt, and is usually depicted with the head of a lion and the body of a beautiful woman.   !!!!  This has all been so powerful.  I am in awe."  - LS, Massachusetts

    Atlantis & Ammonite

    "Thank you for such an incredible experience today.  The information about Atlantis all makes sense.  Wow.  It was such a healing gift and one that will hold close to my heart. Your energy and guidance through my records was felt. I’m so looking forward to gaining more insight and my higher self coming through more clearly by the opening of my records By the way, there is ammonite in every room of my house!!  I didn't understand why I needed it there but now I do."  - ER, North Carolina  

    Powerful & Planetary

    "Oh, my... that was incredibly powerful!! The Light Language was very much appreciated. Very calming, very soothing like a lullaby, washing away the agitation immediately. The Martian Channeling was amazingly powerful!!  Very much Ignite The Light!!"  -LC, British Columbia
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