Bathed in light,

sea & sky. . .

Quantum Energy Healing

with Channeled Light Language

Offered remotely via phone or live videostream.

Your session also includes a recording for replay. 

    Need to rest, release, relax & restore?

    Want a gentle, helping hand & calm, stable presence?

    Curious about the deeper roots of long-standing maladies?

    Crave a stronger connection to Earth, stars, & your life?

    Want to learn what your heart is holding & your body is saying?



    Grounded by Earth, illuminated by Sky...  These restorative, transformative sessions include an integrated intuitive reading and personalized channeled Light Language transmissions - unique to you - that assist the awakening of information & energy in the body, heart and energy field.  Your own consciousness will expand during this process.   

    Quantum frequency healing takes place in sacred spacetime, which is unlimited and not bound by distance or dimension.  Each individualized healing session opens a portal to the wisdom and wellness that already exist within you, and allows you to be deeply cared for and supported. 

    What emerges depends on where you are on your unique path of healing and awakening.  Once Rebecca has psychically read your body and energy field she can progress to work with clearing and harmonizing energy centers and organs along with layers of the etheric body.  The use of sacred geometric principles also informs this work.


    Your Quantum Healing Session may also include:

        Opening your Akashic Records for personalized guidance.
        Removal of unhelpful soul contracts.
        The awakening of your intuitive & psychic capacities.
        Coaching on energy clearing for your body & energy field.
        Activation of the 5D light body.


    Rebecca and her guides also work with clients to restore their connection to the rich elemental realm of Gaia. This is called for now as so many of us are suffering from lack of Earth relationship.  

    "The human blueprint is wed to that of our planet.  Like a mother and child, we - at our most sublime - are inseparable.  Quantum Healing sessions are filled with reconnection to land, sea, water, tree and sky.  Restoring original connections allows us to heal and grow wise."  -Rebecca

    Shadow clearing work is also presenting strongly these days during Quantum Healing sessions.  This is happening as many collective and cultural wounds arise to be healed around our planet.  If this sounds like you, and you are clearing heavy baggage from your own life, you've come to the right place.  You are not alone!

    All this is accomplished via Light Language energy transmissions as well as sonar frequencies and using technologies of consciousness to convey healing.  The sonar is a technique given by the Sirians and mantid beings. It is silent to the human ear yet full of color, light and vibrational codes. 

    Many indigenous healers from the higher realms emerge in Quantum Healing to help lead the way in your session. 

    Offered remotely via live video call or by phone. An audio recording is included with video sessions so you can revisit what comes through at your own pace. 


    Quantum Healing

    with Light Language

    60 minutes: $162
    90 minutes:  $198

    Gift Certificates also available.

     I'm looking forward to working with you!


    Mystical & Magical
    Thank you so very much for your insight and mystical mastery.  Your chanting & singing was magical and so beautiful!  I felt the high vibrations and frequency all through my body into my cells.  Your voice is amazing! I'm still feeling it ... a wonderful magic lifting me up and healing my body and spirit.  - P.M.,  Dallas

    Gaia Connections Restored

    "Rebecca, I am learning new ways to connect with myself and my experience.  Tonight I was out on the land and through every sentient form I saw things with my heart.  Jupiter, Arcturus, the Libra constellation, Vega and Lyra, the trees, the bats.  I conversed with the trees gently holding their trunks wishing them hello, so many of them.  A little earlier in the night I greeted the Flame trees, watched with wonder, bats hovering, resting, imbibing nectar just 10, 15 feet above me.  A large bat, wings clearly silhouetted, another smaller and another. Everything was inter-connected, the land, trees, the bats, me, and all of life.  Through you, I have learned the meaning of grounding experientially. I  am so grateful to you for teaching me subtly, helping me rediscover my hidden longings and this ancient Earth connection."   -B.A., Karnataka, India

    Divine Healing & Release

    "Thank you for the work you did today, it's been amazing!
    When I lay down and listened to the light language audio again tears rushed out with a big release of trauma from my sacrum area.   I've been sleeping all day with that area sweating and I know it's the healing taking place.  I enjoyed both services I ordered from you and was well worth the money and has
    lifted my spirit. All I can say is I was up all night with the right information that was handed to me for the next step of my journey and I know it was divinely guided.  I am so glad I had the chance to meet with you and receive all this."  G.O., Germany

    Expansive & Clear
    "Rebecca, I have had the most powerful receiving from these light codes! As I type now I still feel as if immersed in fluid. This particular healing transmission of yours has effected me seemingly on a cellular and energetic level. My entire body responds to this light language and powerful toning!  What a complete shift! I feel so expansive and clear in my body!!  ♥️"  M.M., Seattle, Washington

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