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Order a personal Light Language transmission channeled just for you!!  This is an audio file which will be delivered to your inbox as an MP3.  AND!!  Through mid-October, Rebecca will be channeling your session live from the Himalaya!!  Each transmission will contain the potent light-energy of this ancient, spiritual land. 

- Nurturing, Loving & Wise -

Support For Your Journey

Personal Light Language transmissions for expanded consciousness, healing, and ongoing soul progression.   When you book, you will receive an audio file containing the pure high-vibrational frequencies of channeled Light Language.  The audio transmission is unique to you - and just for you.

Along with the Light Language, your session will also contain whatever channeled guidance I receive for you.  All of this emerges in the form of a soothing and restorative guided meditation. 


"Light Language is channeled sound code from the higher realms.  The Languages that emerge range from Angelic to Elemental, Galactic and beyond.  The higher dimensional frequencies of Light Language activate ancient knowing in your DNA and restore wisdom and spiritual connection.  These transmissions offer organic, natural intuitive progression for you that is relevant to your daily life in 3D.  Light Language opens up pathways of knowing that have been shut down through programming, collective belief systems, trauma and more.  These relaxing personal audio sessions elevate your whole being to a higher frequency of energy and information flow."  -Rebecca


This not a live one-one-session, but an audio file you will receive in MP3 format.  Your personal channeling will arrive via email within 2-14 business days with listening instructions.

The more you listen to it, the more you resonate with the new information codes contained in the Light Language and channeled guidance.  The Light Language is holistic, benefiting body, mind, heart and soul. 

Your personal audio session may also contain sonar frequencies and the transmission of Light Language offered in hand-sign.  You will not hear with your human ear these aspects of the channeling, but they are contained within it.  You will, however, feel them with your heart!  There may also be a transmission from the upper dimensional Lemurian dolphin beings.

What emerges is what is right for you at the present time.  All you have to do is rest and receive.  Your higher self knows just what to do.

Benefits of Channeled

Light Language Can Include:

    - The awakening of personal intuition & connection with loving guides

-Holistic healing of body, mind, spirit

-Experiences of deeper wellness & joy

-The awakening of a clear sense of personal mission

-Growing self-trust, self-confidence & personal empowerent

-Expansion of personal belief systems

-Deeper connection to Earth & Cosmos

-Recalling forgotten memories & past lives

-Enhanced sleep & dreaming

-Activation of 5D light body

-5D DNA attunement


Gestational Healing: an excerpt from an actual 20 minute client Light Language Audio Session:


Light Language

Audio Session

10 Minutes: $45
20 minutes:  $72

This is not a live session, but an audio file delivered to your inbox.

Gift Certificates also available.

 I'm looking forward to channeling just for you from northern India!!  ~Rebecca

Above,  Channeled light language transmission on location with Gaia. Dusk and a bat colony, soft tones and light. This awesome planet live and breathes you! Feel your heart, step through.

Rapid & Profound Change

"AGAIN thank you so much for the audio and the whole work you are doing.  It is so profound and you are working on so many layers!  Things are changing very fast. It‘s soooooo exciting!  you.  Sending you a gigantic hug..." -B.O., France

PTSD Clearing

"REBECCA!!!!I woke up this morning and my PTSD is GONE!!! Thank you so much.  I did the ETR three weeks ago, have been working with plant medicine and other methods and it seems the light language was the last straw that popped it." - J.B., Los Angeles

Angel Light & Heart Healing

"I have tears running down my face as I listened to this Light Language you gave to me.  I have been feeling totally empty and trying to stand strong and be there for many of my family members. The channeling said I am fragile and this really hit home for me. I feel forgotten at times and I know I am loved but am not getting what I need from those closest to me.
I will play this recording over many times and surround myself with much needed healing light and love. It feels like a gift from heaven."  -Debby, California

Integrating Inner Child

"Dear, dear Rebecca.  I just experienced your reading.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Some process is happening in me now.  My heart is full and soft.  I don't know what ancient language you are speaking but at one point, I found myself joining in!  My angry child is with me now, and I'm bringing her with me to see and experience what I've learned and am learning.  Soft and gentle is the way."  JF, New York

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